Call to Order:



Roxann Smith called the meeting to order at 7:12 at the Lac La Belle Fire hall with approximately 30 members and two guests present.


Role Call of Officers:



Roll call was made by Roxann. †President, Vice-President, and Treasurer were present.


Approve Agenda:



Roxann asked for a motion to approve the September meeting agenda.


Motion by Guy Snyder to approve agenda.† Second by Dave Murvich.† All were in favor.† Motion carried.


Approve Prior Months Minutes:



Rheta Wolfe, Vice President, read the August minutes.† Roxann asked for a motion to approve the August meeting minutes.


Motion by Guy Snyder to accept minutes.† Second by Betty Snyder.† All were in favor.† Motion carried.


Presidentís Remarks and Correspondence:



Roxann expressed her appreciation for the residents who attended the last township meeting held at Lac La Belle.† Roxann also noted that there was a moose sited in Lac La Belle.† Eloise Haller took a picture.† Gale Slates also noted that she saw a moose and took a picture.† It is not know if it is the same moose.

Roxann received the monthly statement, credit application, and numerous memberships.




Treasurer:† Ned Huwatschek reviewed the treasurerís report and reported a balance of $2,569.68.† The report is available upon request. †James Sorenson will take over next meeting.† Roxann asked for a motion to approve the treasurerís report.


Motion by Bill Stocker to approve Treasurerís Report.† Second by David Murvich.† All were in favor.† Motion carried.


Unfinished Business:


Tax Payer Mailing List:† Roxann requested list from township treasurer.† List should be available for our next mailing.



Dumpster: †Roxann noted that bags are being left outside the dumpster.† Please remind neighbors that the dumpster door is unlocked and all bags should be put inside the dumpster.



Pavilion:† Roxann would like SSA to purchase a sign for the pavilion.† Joe Langdon indicated that the county would provide the sign.† The pavilion would be called the ďHavenĒ.† If the county does not make the sign, the SSA will discuss purchasing the sign at the next meeting.



Mail Delivery:† Roxann talked to Dante Iacovoni and he indicated that he had nothing to report.† He has been unable to meet with the post master.† Dante indicated that Richard Schaefer offered to assist.† Rheta will discuss with Richard.



Membership Drive:† The officers would like all members to discuss becoming a SSA member with their neighbors.† SSA will not make any additional mass mailings this year.† It was suggested that the Winter Newsletter be mailed to all residents in the area and a registration form be enclosed.† A member also requested that a copy of the minutes be posted on the bulletin board.



Community Building Addition:† Rheta received the drawings of proposed addition.† Rheta contacted Dick Supana from Traverse Engineering Services in Hancock.† He is willing to meet with us and discuss next steps.† Rheta requested members to assist with addition requirements.† Gale Slates, Wendell Carlson, and Gordon Kytta volunteered to help.



Guest Speakers


Dave Menominee was scheduled to report on Take A Kid Fishing.† Topic postponed until next meeting.


New †Business:


Clean-Up Day:† Gale Slates requested recycle bins be brought up at the next township meeting at the last SSA meeting.† Roxann forgot but will discuss at the next township meeting.† There were also questions regarding the disposal of knapweed at the last meeting.† Gina Nicholas indicated that there is a trash clean up this weekend and anyone can bring knapweed bags to drop off.† She will discuss issue with Sue Haralson this weekend and report back.

Ned Huwatschek has not scheduled a clean-up day.† Ned indicated that they were waiting until it cooled down.† Ned will call members for assistance.



Winter Meetings:† Roxann asked for a motion to cancel Novemberís meeting.


Motion by Gale Slates to cancel Novemberís meeting.† Second by Guy Snyder.† All were in favor.† Motion carried.


The officers would like to organize social events for December, January, February, March, and April.† Regular meeting format would commence in May.† The October 11th meeting will be a Halloween theme.† Hotdogs will be served at 6:00.† Please bring a dish or treat to pass.† Larry Smith volunteered to make chili.† BYOB.


Public Comments:


Guy Snyder requested no peas in the chili.

Great Lakes clean-up is this weekend.† Conservation District is also sponsoring a clean-up this Sunday and everyone is asked to help.

Ned commented that today is Joe and Kate Langdonís 28th anniversary.


General Information:






Roxann asked for a motion to adjourn the September meeting.


Motion by Guy Snyder to adjourn.† Second by Bill Stocker.† All in favor.† Motion carried.