Call to Order:



Roxann Smith called the meeting to order at 7:10 at the Lac La Belle Fire hall with approximately 21members and one guest present.


Role Call of Officers:



Roll call was made by Roxann. †President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer were present.


Approve Agenda:



Roxann asked for a motion to approve the August meeting agenda.


Motion by Guy Snyder to approve agenda.† Second by Wendy Hargraves.† All were in favor.† Motion carried.


Approve Prior Months Minutes:



Cathy Westcott, Secretary, read the July minutes. †One mistake was noted.† The spelling of Hank Nurmi. †This will be noted and fixed in the SSA records.† Roxann asked for a motion to approve the July meeting minutes with the change.


Motion by Tom Strohl to accept minutes with the change.† Second by Gordon Kytta.† All were in favor.† Motion carried.


Presidentís Remarks and Correspondence:



Roxann noted that we had no correspondence and she had no remarks at this time.




Treasurer:† Ned Huwatschek reviewed the treasurerís report and reported a balance of $3,452.93.† The Report is available upon request. †Ned introduced our new Treasurer, James Sorenson. †He will take over at the September meeting. †The Summer Fest Treasurers Report will be made at the next meeting.† Ned noted a check was given to David for the Take a Kid fishing.† This will take place this Saturday, August 11th.† Registration starts at 9:00 am.† David will be asked to attend the September meeting to give a report.† Roxann asked for a motion to approve the treasurerís report.


Motion by Tom Strohl to approve Treasurerís Report.† Second by Betty Snyder.† All were in favor.† Motion carried.


Unfinished Business:


Joe Langdon had motioned for a postcard mailing to past and present members at our last meeting.† Rheta reported that 150 post cards were made by Cathy Westcott and Rheta sent out the 150 but we were short.† †50 more post cards were made and will be mailed out soon.† We received one call for minutes already.† About a dozen have been returned with the wrong address.


Old Business:


Trash Dumpster:† Roxann noted that the dumpster was being dumped every two weeks.† She also reminded everyone to dump only orange bags.† PLEASE do not dump tarps or foreign objects.† Gale Slates mentioned that maybe recycle bins would be good for our area. †Roxann will mention this at the township meeting.


Mail Delivery:† Donte Iacovoni was not present at the meeting.† Roxann will contact him before the next meeting and see if he could present a report.


Community Building:† Wendell Carlson was not present at the meeting.† No report given.


Summer Fest Committee:† Summer Fest was held on Saturday, July 28th, 2007.† Tom Strohl submitted a Summer Fest report. †This report is available upon request. †Tom felt that it was a success. †There were 44 members and 26 guests present.† Tom thanked all the committee members and the volunteers that helped with the project.† Some food was left over and will be sold after the meeting.† This money will go to SSA.† A photo album was prepared by Gale Slates and was present for review. A survey was handed out.† Please fill this out and return.† It will help us prepare for next year.


Motion by Tom Strohl to submit this report.† Second by Don Frantti.† All were in favor.† Motion carried.


Public Comments:


Mary Strohl made a comment about the Knapweed and thought that we may need more information.† A comment was made to have Sue Haralson from the Houghton/Keweenaw Conservation District come to another meeting to answer more questions.


Ned Huwatschek made a motion that the next mailing of the newsletters be made to all the tax payers from† Hell Town, Little Betsy, Lac LaBelle, and Bete Grise. †A list of the tax payers will be bought from the township.† Second by Tom Strohl.† All were in favor. †Motion carried.


Don Frantti thanked the SSA for the use of the table and chairs for their daughters wedding. †He also asked if anyone might know something about the sale and/or purchase of land that was known as the Stump dump area.† No one present had heard about this.


General Information:


A new committee was formed to do a clean up of our area.† Ned Huwatschek will chair this committee.† A trash pick up will be looked into and organized by this committee.† Committee members will be Ed Schneiderhan, Stella Mottonen, Jim Sorenson, and Gordon Kytta .† Ned will ask for more help at the township meeting.


Gale Slates asked about having food or desert at the end of the meeting.† We will have another cook out at the next meeting, Thursday, September 13th, at 6:30 p.m.




Roxann asked for a motion to adjourn the June meeting.


Motion by Ed Schneiderhaan to adjourn.† Second by Audrey Guy Snyder.† All in favor.† Motion carried.