Call to Order:



Roxann called the meeting to order at 7:15 at the Lac La Belle Fire hall with approximately 25 members present and 1 Guest.


Role Call of Officers:



Roll call was made by Roxann.  President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer were present.


Approve Agenda:



Cathy Westcott, Secretary, read the June minutes.  Roxann asked for a motion to approve the July meeting minutes.


Motion by Audry Carlson to accept minutes as written.  Second by Pam Thomas.  All were in favor.  Motion carried.



Motion by Joe Langdon to do a postcard mailing to past and present members.  The postcard would have SSA information on membership, minutes, and dues.  Second by Wendell Carlson.  All were in favor except two members.  Motion carried.


Old Business:



Dumpster:  The township has been looking into the problem.  One solution may be an ozone generator. 

The estimated cost will be $5,000.00 for setup and delivery.  This may not solve the problem but may help control up to 85% of the odor.  No guarantee with this system. The dumpster will be pulled every 2 weeks.  It will be replaced with a new, clean dumpster; hopefully this will help for now.  Home pickup has been tabled.  Joe Langdon stated that the township board was not receptive to this idea.  Roxann will keep the board active on this subject.  Don Frantti noted that 20 years ago we had home pickup.  2 More keys were delivered for the present dumpster.  All who have keys will be compacting regularly.



Mail Delivery:  Donte Iacovoni will be setting up a meeting with Oscar Niemela some time after July 23, 2007, when Oscar is back from vacation.  At this point he is not receptive to the idea.  Wendell Carlson noted that this has been approached before with no success. Some discussion followed.



Summer Fest Committee:  Tom Strohl presented the SSA Summer Fest Committee Report.


Motion was made by Don Frantti to approve the report, with $790.00 fund for spending.  Second by Joe Langdon.  All were in favor.  Motion carried.



Community Building:

Wendell Carlson has found out that we do still have sketches of the community building that were drawn up when the fire hall was built.  These could be used if needed.  The new fire department bay was discussed at the township work session.  Rox wanted to encourage all members to attend the meeting if possible.





Sue Haralson From the Houghton/Keweenaw Conservation District shared information about the Bete Grise Preserve Fund and recent clean up.  She thanked all volunteers and reminded everyone that the grant match fund would be up September, 30th 2007. Please turn in your grant forms until Sept. 30th.  She spoke on the Spotted Knapweed and Cat’s ear.  We are asked to remove these species of plants.  Information sheets were handed out on both plants and the HKCD & BGP brochures.



Election of Officers



Roxann read names of the officers running.  Vice President – Rheta Wolfe and Treasurer – James Sorensen running unopposed.  Roxann reviewed voting procedures.  Ballots were handed out to SSA members present.  After the vote, Roxann asked for 3 volunteers to tally the votes.  Margie Meyers, Byron Muljo & Hank Niemi counted the ballots.  Tally was presented to Cathy Westcott and given to Roxann.  Vice President – Rheta Wolfe received 23 votes (2 other written names received) and Treasurer – James Sorensen received 25 votes.


President’s Remarks and Comments



Roxanne noted the excellent job on the Newsletter and thanked all involved.  Kate Langdon noted that a winter newsletter would be mailed in December; if you have any information to contribute PLEASE get it to Kate.  Ned thanked the newsletter committee for the article on his nephew.  Ned and his sister were touched by the notice that was printed.  He noted that The Eaton’s had the same response of thanks.


Roxanne wanted to express her appreciation to the Lac Labelle residents who attend the Grant Township Meetings.


Roxann asked Ned to discuss the donation for the Take a Kid Fishing in Lac La Belle.  Ned commented that he spoke to David Menominee after the last meeting and he was excited about the donation.  He wanted to thank the SSA for the donation and would turn in a report on his spending.




Treasurer:  Ned Huwatschek reviewed the treasurer’s report and reported a balance of $3,252.93.  The Report is available upon request.  Roxanne asked for a motion to approve the report.


Motion by Wendell Carlson to approve Treasurer’s Report.  Second by Tom Strohl.  All were in favor.  Motion carried.


General Information:


Construction of the Haven Park Pavilion is done, thank you to all that helped.   A gathering will be held on July 13, 2007 to break it in.  All are invited to join in at 6:30 p.m.




Roxann asked for a motion to adjourn the June meeting.


Motion by Wendell Carlson to adjourn.  Second by Byron Muljo.  All in favor.  Motion carried.