Call to Order:

Vice President


Rheta called the meeting to order at 7:08 at the Lac La Belle Fire hall with approximately 28 members present.


Role Call of Officers:

Vice President


Roll call was made by Rheta. †Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer were present.


Approve Agenda:

Vice President


Rheta asked for a motion to approve the June meeting agenda.


Motion by Mary Strohl to approve agenda.† Second by Tom Strohl.† All were in favor.† Motion carried.


Approve Prior Months Minutes:

Vice President


Rheta reminded members that the minutes would be posted at and would be mailed out only if requested. Website name can be found on the bottom of your membership card.

Cathy Westcott, Secretary read the May minutes.† Rheta asked for a motion to approve the May meeting minutes.


Motion by Wendell Carlson to accept minutes as written.† Second by Gale Slates.† All were in favor.† Motion carried.


Vic Presidentís Remarks and Correspondence:

Vice President


Rheta noted that Roxann wanted to let members know that the Keweenaw Mt. Lodge was using the tables and chairs and they would be returned by June 22, 2007.


Rheta noted that the fire hall kitchen had been painted and thanked all involved.





No guests present.




Treasurer:† Ned Huwatschek reviewed the treasurerís report and reported a balance of $3,252.93.† The Report is available upon request.† Rheta asked for a motion to approve the report.


Motion by Kathy Muljo to approve Treasurerís Report.† Second by Wendell Carlson.† All were in favor.† Motion carried.


Committee Reports:


Newsletter:† The newsletter will be mailed out next week. Rheta asked for any information on birthdays, special events and news worthy items for the newsletter. If you have anything for the newsletter PLEASE get it to Kate Langdon ASAP.


Unfinished Business:


Trash Dumpster Relocation::† Joe Langdon† indicated that Tuesday at the Grant Township Meeting

this was discussed, but that no land could be found to rent/lease/buy at this time. Nothing can be done with moving the dumpster at this time. †Maybe another option would be home pick up, like Mohawk has.† The board is willing to research this option.† Chemical can also be put in the dumpster to stop some of the odor.


Home delivery of mail:† Dante Iacovoni who leads this project was not present at the meeting. †Rheta said they had tried to speak to the person at the Calumet Post Office but he/she was not available.† Rheta said, she would try again to contact someone.


New Business:


Summer Fest Committee:

Summer Fest will be held on Saturday July 28th, 2007.† Rheta asked again for a leader for the committee.† Tom Sthrol volunteered to head the committee if he could get 5 people to help him on the committee.† Kate Langdon, Gale Slates, Rheta Wolfe, Hank Nurmi, and Kathy Muljo volunteered Byron Muljo to help on this committee. Tom said they would set up a meeting and get started on the Summer Fest planning.




Rheta read a letter from David Menominee regarding the 3rd annual Take a Kid Fishing on Lac LaBelle August 11, 2007. This is a fun day for kids to come out and fish.† People from around the area donate their time and boats to come and take a kid fishing.† The 1st year 42 children were involved.† All the kids got prizes and some won fishing poles.† Last year 59 kids came and 48 kids won fishing poles.† Dave would like to raise enough money to send every kid home with a pole


Motion by Ed Jenison to donate up to $500.00 for this event as long as any money left over was used for the next year.† Second by Wendell Carlson.† All were in favor except one member.† Motion carried.



Community Building:

The township has allocated $5,000 in 2007 for this project.† Joe Langdon asked how many people would use this building and what would we use it for.† Discussion was made regarding uses and a committee was formed to look into this. Wendell Carlson, Rheta Wolfe and Gale Slates would form a committee to check into this further.† Joe said that the fireman would start on sealing off the window so none of the firemanís equipment would be accessible.† Locks and keys would be discussed further.




Rheta opened the floor to nominations for the Vice President and Treasurer.† Kate Langdon nominated Jim Sorenson for Treasurer and nomination was accepted.† Kathy Muljo nominated Gale Slates for Vice President.† Nomination was accepted and then retracted.† Mary Strohl nominated Rheta Wolfe for Vice President. Nomination was accepted.† Ed Jenison nominated Ned Huwatschek. Ned thanked Ed for the nomination and commented that he thought the SSA needed new people and fresh ideas. Nomination was declined.† Elections will take place at the July 12th meeting.† PLEASE bring your membership cards to vote.† Vice President - Rheta Wolfe running unopposed.† Treasurer Ė James Sorensen running unopposed.


Motion by Ed Jenison to close the nominations.† Second by Wendell Carlson.† All were in favor.† Motion carried.




Web Site:

A poll was taken from members via e-mail regarding putting all membership names on the web site.

Only one member did not want his/her name published. †Some discussion followed.


Public Comments:


Ned Huwatschek announced the Clean up dates would be June 23rd & 24th 2007.† Volunteers would be needed.† A sign up sheet was passed around.† Kate Langdon indicated that a trailer would be available for scrap metals.† White Goods would be taken as long as it had no Freon.


General Information:


Construction of the Haven Park Pavilion is moving along good.


Tom Strohl made a motion of thanks to Ned Huwatschek for his service as Treasurer. All in favor.


Gale Slates had question regarding dumpster keys.† Some discussion was made and Joe Langdon indicated that he, Roxann Smith and Gary Barker would be compacting.† Hopefully this would relieve the problems.




Rheta asked for a motion to adjourn the June meeting.


Motion by Kate Langdon to adjourn.† Second by Audrey Carlson.† All in favor.† Motion carried.