Call to Order:

Vice President


Rheta Wolfe called the meeting to order at 7:05 at the Lac La Belle Fire hall with 15 members present.


Role Call of Officers:

Vice President


Roll call was made by Rheta.† President, Vice President, and Treasurer were present.


Approve Agenda:

Vice President


Rheta asked for a motion to approve the May meeting agenda.


Motion by Kate Langdon to approve agenda.† Second by Ed Jenison.† All were in favor.† Motion carried.


Approve Prior Months Minutes:

Vice President


Rheta indicated that Aprilís meeting minutes was posted on the SSA website.† Website name can be found on the bottom of your membership card.† Rheta read Aprilís meeting minutes.† Rheta asked for a motion to approve the April meeting minutes.


Motion by Dante Iacovoni to accept minutes as written.† Second by Doreen Good.† All were in favor.† Motion carried.


Vice Presidentís Remarks and Correspondence:

Vice President


Rheta reminded members that the summer clean-up will be on June 23 and 24.† Guidelines are the same as last year.† Kate Langdon will post guidelines on the bulletin board and will include in the summer newsletter.† Kate also noted that their trailer could be used to gather scrap metal.† Rheta will ask Richard to create signup sheet and discuss at the next fireman meeting.† There were some questions raised regarding the proceeds from the scrap metal.



Rheta would like to include membership names on the website and summer newsletter.† Doreen Good suggested a poll of membership via email.† Rheta will send out the email for approval.



Rheta noted that names will be accepted for Vice President and Treasurer at the June meeting.† Elections will take place at the July meeting.† Votes will also be accepted via mail.† These votes should be mailed to the President.




No guests present.


Treasurerís Report:


Treasurer:† Ned Huwatschek reviewed the treasurerís report and reported a balance of $3133.20.† Report is available upon request.† Budget will be presented at the next meeting.† Rheta asked for a motion to approve the report.†


Motion by Audrey Carlson to approve Treasurerís Report.† Second by Bryon Muljo.† All were in favor.† Motion carried.


Committee Reports:


Newsletter:† The newsletter will be mailed after the June meeting.† Newsletter will include officer nominees for Treasurer and Vice President.† Members should contact a newsletter committee member to add comments, articles, or pictures to the summer newsletter.† Also, please let us know if you would like to be on the newsletter committee.


Unfinished Business:


Creation of Haven Park Pavilion:† Ned Huwatschek indicated that they were waiting on the road restrictions to be removed.† Bob Good said restrictions were removed Monday.† Ray promised that we were at the top of his agenda.† Ned will let us know if volunteers are needed.†



Relocation of Trash Dumpster: †Joe is still working on a relocation site.† He is looking at two potential sites.† The township will provide chemicals to reduce odor.† The township is not looking for any relocation sites because they do not understand why the dumpster needs moved.† If any members have any ideas, please let an officer know.† There was also discussion relative to cycling the dumpster.† It was suggested that the firemen cycle the dumpster.† Rheta will discuss with Richard.



Home Delivery of Mail:† Dante talked to Brad and he suggested adding another grouping of boxes.† Dante and Rheta to contact Calumet Post Office to determine next steps.† Our priority is home delivery and our back up plan would be an additional location for boxes.† Dante will update the SSA at the next meeting.


New Business:


Rheta would like to form a committee for Summer Fest and asked for a volunteer to lead committee.† Topic postponed until next month.† Information on Summer Fest will be in the summer newsletter.† Hopefully the pavilion will be completed for Summer Fest!!!



Rheta would like to form a committee for the Community Center.† This committee would document requirements for the center. †The Township has allocated $5000 in 2007.† Wendell Carlson indicated that he may still have the drawings for the Community Center.† He indicated that the fire hall is all set for the addition.† Rheta will follow up with Wendell.


Public Comments:




General Information:






Rheta asked for a motion to adjourn the April meeting.


Motion by Wendell Carlson to adjourn.† Second by Bob Good.† All in favor.† Motion carried.