Call to Order:



Roxann Smith called the meeting to order at 7:15 at the Lac La Belle Fire hall with approximately 9 members present.


Role Call of Officers:



Roll call was made by Roxann.  All officers were present, President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


Approve Agenda:



Roxann asked for a motion to approve the February meeting agenda.


Motion by Kathy Muljo to approve agenda.  Second by Don Frantti.  All were in favor.  Motion carried.


Approve Prior Months Minutes:



Roxann asked for a motion to approve the November meeting minutes.


Motion by Don Frantti to accept minutes as written.  Second by Kate Langdon.  All were in favor.  Motion carried.


President’s Remarks and Correspondence:



Roxann apologized for the confusion over the meeting dates for the February and March meetings.  She explained that it was because she was used to the SSA meetings following the Township meeting which occur the second Tuesday of each month.



Roxann also made the request that the present members pay particular attention to the information on the attendance sheet and if there were any corrections to be made to their name or address, etc. to immediately let Rheta Wolfe know so she can make the necessary corrections.



Roxann noted that there was only one item or correspondence received by her.  It was a letter from Sue Haralson of the Houghton Keweenaw Conservation District.  She read the letter which was addressing Bob Good’s question regarding the Bete Gris Preserve and the gating of a logging road.  She made future mention that a copy of the letter would be forwarded to Bob as he was not present at the meeting.



Rheta noted she had received an e-mail from a member who had commented about the “newsletter letterhead”.  He had commented that “the coastline on the original letterhead was designed by Roy Koljonen’s daughter, Diane, who had passed away shortly after she contributed her art work.  Most of us always felt the image on the letterhead was a memorial to her”.  He wanted us to reconsider and change back to the original letterhead design.  Roxann explained that the new newsletter was not “redesigned” but was put together with out the original art work because we had no access to it.  We will not be changing the “original” art work on the Association letterhead and envelopes.  The coastline design made by Diane will still be used, however the Newsletter heading used will be up to the Newsletter Committee to designate.  They may want to vary it with scenic pictures or whatever.




No guests present.




Treasurer:  Ned Huwatschek reviewed the treasurer’s report and reported a balance of $2079.61.  Report is available upon request.  Roxann asked for a motion to approve the report.


Motion by Ed Jenison to approve Treasurer’s Report.  Second by Stella Mottonen.  All were in favor.  Motion carried.


Unfinished Business:


Website Construction:  Rheta explained about the website and how far along she was with setting it up.  She made a request for $250 to cover the software and the fee at for the website set up.  Roxann asked for a motion.


Motion by Kate Langdon to allow Rheta to spend $250 to finalize getting the website online.  Second by Bryon Muljo.  There was some discussion about the software updates and if the Pasty. met charge was a monthly or one time charge.  Rheta clarified it was a one time charge.  The allocation was voted on.  All were in favor.  Motion carried.



Updated By-Laws:  Rheta read over the proposed revised By-Laws that were worked on extensively by the By-Laws committee.  She noted all the changes that had been presented to her by different members via e-mail, telephone, or in person.  Roxann asked for a motion to pass the revised By-Laws.


Motion by Kate Langdon to pass the new revised and amended By-Laws.  Second Stella Mottonen.  There was quite a bit of discussion and some new revisions noted.  One such revision was made by Roxann to allow for a spending allowance for the officers in which to purchase office supplies.  That allowance was “that any amount over $100 was to be approved by the membership”.  After extensive discussion the passing of the By-Laws was voted on.  All were in favor.  Motion carried.



New Business:


Roxann proposed that we would like to appoint a Committee Chairperson to head up a committee for the preparation of the South Shore Newsletter.  That Chairperson would be responsible for getting a group of members together to gather information, prepare the newsletter, and update the website.  Roxann made a request for a volunteer from the members present.  Kate Langdon volunteered to be the Chairperson.



Roxann brought it to the member’s attention that a book of Robert’s Rules of Order has been purchased for the officers.  Robert’s Rules of Order is the format that will be followed for the SSA meetings.



Rheta presented the results of the questionnaire that was sent out to the members for their input on projects of future changes they would like to see in the community.  She had quite a few responses and compiled a list of about 30 things.  Some of the projects or changes were individual request but a few had multiple requests.  We narrowed it down top the top five projects:  Community Center, Expansion of the Fire Hall, Creation of Haven Park Pavilion, Relocation of the Trash Dumpster, and Home delivery of mail.  Some of these projects are already being worked on and the others have been assigned a designated person to investigate costs, etc. and present their findings at the next meeting.



Rheta wanted to remind everyone to send their SSA dues in by March 31.  The dues are $10 per person.  Membership cards will be issued when received.


Public Comments:


No public comments from the audience.


General Information:


Roxann noted that the next meeting would be held on March 8, 2007.  She also made note that she would not be able to attend the March or April meetings due to some unforeseen circumstances.



Roxann asked if anyone had any other new business to present to the officers.




Roxann asked for a motion to adjourn the February meeting.


Motion by Kate Langdon to adjourn.  Second by Ed Jenison.  All in favor.  Motion carried.